Tuesday, 11 August 2009

BNE pt.3 - Between you & me, Cat-alogue, Feeling Guilty

You ever heard of that theory where there's at the most only 6 or so people between you and someone else in the world? Like a friend of a friend etc would theoretically be pally with the Queen? If that's true, can you please pass on a message to Lily Allen for me. Proposing marriage and while you're there asking how her day is going I guess. And whether that third nipple of hers really exists.
Looked up the RSPCA website today to try and find a cat to adopt. Couldn't find one. I didn't know if this was a good or a bad thing because I could easily find a kitten and hoped that wasn't the cut off point.
Found another website with a big cat-alogue. Most were ex-old lady cats. Tried finding one that looked like my dead cat I hoped got reincarnated. Thought I should do the nobel thing and go for the ugliest one.
So Woolies have finally addressed the Cornflakes shortage. Only my happiness was short lived when I found out they weren't stocking my brand of juice shots anymore. I think I was the only one buying them to be honest. One month out of the country and they couldn't keep the company afloat without my business. Felt a tad guilty.
I like writing about mundane things. Brings my mind back to Earth. It gets away from me too much during the day contemplating all sorts of things. My nan hates talking to me on the phone. She has to listen to my dribble on things like evolution and the complexities of our fundamental being when all she wants to know is what I'm making for tea.
Googled weird art news. Came across a 50 ton pile of bananas and an etch-a-sketch for 100 thou. Felt like crawling back into bed. Racking my brain for a brilliant art idea. The Vegemite Queen thing was good. But I need something less delicious and more shocking that'd get the Vatican's and my future husbands attention.
Hypnotized by mind numbing infomercials this morning. Missed the 10:20 train because of a sponge. It was so worth it though. When Julie came home from work she agreed we were unlikely to see such absorbency again.


  1. I adopted a 1 year old cat from a cats home earlier this year and she's bloody brilliant and so much fun, highly recommended move, you should go for it.

    I do want to know how on earth did sponge make you miss your train :) details please.

  2. I think I will, I love cats & I want one desperately. :)

    Oh, it was just on an infomercial. I couldn't stop watching it & lost track of time! ShamWow it was called. Didn't fail to impress.

  3. My friend is obsessed with cats. They're so cute. The 50 ton bananas sounds so funny! Your vegemite queen is so awesome. Infomercials are hilarious. I'm a little obsessed with the snuggie on youtube. I saw it in a store and I was tempted to buy it because it was so funny. Love your new artwork! I was so excited when I saw them! :)

  4. thanks! yes i love watching the snuggie one too, haha.