Thursday, 17 September 2009

What on Earth

People get down on the human race a lot. Like "Oooh, look what we're doing to the turtles. It's too hot, now that bug's extinct. How long until Serbs and Croats realise they're the same thing? Adobe has us upgrading photoshop every 2 weeks, drip feeding us the perfect version they've already created." And so on.
Fair enough I guess.
But there's that side of brilliance that argues differently.

I can't get over how clever we are. I mean just generally the things we're capable of knowing about is mind blowing. Especially in the way of medical research and such, it's astounding. You can't help but burst with pride when thinking of the dvd player or more recently, the snuggie. Try shocking me with innovation after that.
Plus the amount of people out there willing to help others to expect nothing in return reassures you overall we're not doing too bad a job. Considering what we were given to work with and predisposition to, a good one in fact?

It's an easier thing to think if the world wasn't perfectly imperfect we'd be in a right mess.

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