Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lacrymosa, Bullet Points & Love Thy Neighbour

I bought a big book of Mozart I'm determined to conquer. Lacrymosa is the most beautiful song I think I've ever heard. I think I'll be satisfied if I can play even just that all the way through flawlessly.

I've never appreciated until recently how odd looking the Peacock is. Is the point of the feathers to be threatening or merely for my amusement? Seriously, someone bother to c+p the wiki synopsis for me. Evolution I don't get. If the point of it is essentially equipping us for survival, everything would have evolved to the point of blowing fire with stega-style points lining our backs. Instead it went overboard with the turquiose & girly embellishments. Went overly soft on the snail in my opinion.

Working has left me so tired I haven't been bothered to write in a long while.

I'm so tight with money but I still buy $20 art magazines air freighted from Denmark in my break. Considering the amount of alphabeticalizing my job involves, my creative soul demands it.

The sentences in art publications have too many words in them. I don't appreciate feeling stupid figuring out what point they're trying to make even in the editorial. Cut the verbs and introduce those things that have ruined my attention span forever. More bullet points, please.

I really hope Zeke from Neighbours still has OCD by the time I can be bothered watching it again. It's the only entertaining story line left on telly.

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  1. Two points. Actually, three.

    1) Not even Mozart could play Mozart flawlessly.
    2) You are wrong about evolution. The point is not to ensure survival. Rather, it is to ensure we don't turn into Zeke from neighbours. Actually, I guess they're the same thing, because Zeke fell off a cliff and died.
    3) There is at least one other interesting story line: Jess and Marty's Outback Wedding.