Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Apple, Hoarding, ...Dennis?

You know those people that hoard anything they're sure to need one day? That's not exactly my problem. My problem is I hoard things that I know have no good use but rather look pretty. No real surprise. As an artist I'm nothing but aesthetically motivated. It's so bad it extends to well designed packaging. For example, the empty Macbook box sitting in the corner of my kitchen. I had planned to throw it out but it's taken 12 months to bring myself to do it. Saying my goodbye's tomorrow. Most definitely maybe.

I drool over any Apple product. The breathtaking minimalist design. Streamline functionality. And the internal corruption of anything Microsoft when the two collide. I plug in my iPod and Windows goes into a fit. Genius. I converted to Mac at the height of my PC loyalty. But being the person I am, loyalty didn't stand a chance against its sheer prettiness. Turns out they're the Kylie to the Dannii anyway.

Fell asleep with mascara on the other night. The next morning my eyelashes were glued together and I thought I went blind. I told someone the other day I felt like going to the beach. They said I didn't look like a beach person. I asked what gave me away; the transparent skin or my heavy reliance on excessive eye makeup? Now I know.

Wishing my name was spelt with an 'f'. That's how lazy I am. Time to cut back. The 'anie' went some time ago but I think I can do one better.

I had lunch with someone who I had no idea of their name. It's classic Seinfeld. Slipped my mind to ask the first time. It's too embarrassing to ask now. Thankfully three meetings in I'm still getting by. How'd that episode end again?


  1. You bring someone else to lunch and introduce them to your nameless friend.

  2. lol! My friend is a huge Seinfeld fan! Apple computers are so sleek and beautiful. The mascara part is really funny. one time, I swam and i didn't wear waterproof, and i ended up looking like a! :)