Wednesday, 10 March 2010

London round 2, pt.1

No BS, I woke up to a documentary on the sun. It was my first morning in London and exactly what I needed. A Cullen-esque little Brit telling me despite my suspicions it still existed. His eyes bulged with wonder taking pictures of it with his camera. It was a condescending look covering the points of where it existed and how important it was we had one or we'd be 'very very cold'. It was pretty clear this show was aimed at kids and the British. I turned to the BBC news where despite my email, it still hadn't hired better looking presenters. I was not impressed. It had been over 6 months.

Spending today searching for cheap, edible sushi. If I don't find anything soon.. I don't even want to entertain that thought. The sushi place across from work spoilt me. Come lunchtime it's all I think about. Sushi contains on average only 4 things. It disturbs me the amount of places that get it wrong.

My body is an amazing thing. I put it through over 30 hours of no sleep, 2 inch square space to fit in and a diet very little beyond cheese and crackers in that time and it still wants to run a marathon when I reach london. I haven't found a better way to feel as refreshed. Which is frustrating, when a less expensive and time consuming way would be nice. The only thing that can rival it is a big night out, drinking way too much. I can't begin to describe the therapeutic benefits.

It's not all good news. As soon as I treated my body to a good night sleep void of DVT and screaming babies it turned against me. I couldn't keep anything down all night. That was until I had some vegemite toast. I'd like to know how vegemite toast can cure anything. Well, admittedly not everything, but the list is growing. From back ache, PMS, heartbreak and now jet leg. It's not that good that it can cure cancer, but it does prevent it.

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  1. The documentary of the sun and the Cullen esque kids sounds hilarious!

    My friend and I always try to search for cheap sushi or those unlimited sushi buffets or we'd be so mad that we missed the lunch bento box special by like two hours. lol.

    Sleep is good. :)