Tuesday, 21 July 2009

London pt. 9 - Prosciutto, Miss California & Bruno

Haven't had a piece of fruit in 29 days. Ensconced my self in the English lifestyle of anything eatable being rolled in prosciutto and laden with cheese. Craving anything that isn't delicious excluding banana bread which technically sits on both sides of the fence.
Eating more but walking more so not sure whether I'm putting on weight or not. Told myself as I live off cornflakes and cookies I'll sort out my weight one way or another when I get home. Plus I thought the health freak I am back home could use a well deserved break.
Went and saw Bruno as part of my art course which until this point was running on something fairly high brow. We saw it on the justification that it fell under the umbrella of "Contemporary Art". Couldn't quite fit over Harry Potter.
One of my tutors lent me a magazine on the Venice Biennale. I missed out on that part of the course and live half way around the world so I have no intention of giving it back.
Mia the Californian and I constantly complain about the English weather. The sun comes out in rare intermediate patches but it does nothing. It can't even raise a warm glow to shut us up for the 10 minutes a day it decides to show up.
Thought about writing a book listing the locations of all the Starbucks in the world for travelers like me who want a guaranteed good caramel frappachino. I don't want to give away the ending but the basic plot would revolve around there being one 5 meters in any direction from wherever you are right now.
Went up to the tube guy with Mia to ask what stop to get off to see Madame Tussaudes. Told us there's no point in going because the fire next door last night melted them all. Took a long embarrassing while for Mia to realise he was joking. The English can't help but pick on an American any chance they get. The only bond that will be left with the aussies after this Ashes series.
Missing home for the first time. I miss the weather firstly. My room secondly. And just stuff in general thirdly. It feels like I've borrowed someone else's life for this month and it's almost time to give it back and step into my own shoes once again. Only this time I would've walked in someone others. And learnt a great deal from it. Which I'm very grateful for.
Off to Cornwall for the weekend. Visiting the town of Chard, my ancestral home while I'm there. Will feel good standing there thinking after being sent to a barren land swarming with deadly creatures and surrounded by sharks and stingers half a world a way, how they still couldn't manage to keep us out.


  1. It's amazing that you have the same last name as a town. Well, maybe it's somewhat common. Due to Norwegian naming devices, my last name shows that one of my ancestors was the son of someone else. Exciting, yes?

  2. Cornwall is lovely. Hope the weather picks up for you. :)