Sunday, 12 July 2009

London pt.3 - Royal Muse & London Booze

So the jet lag was non existent. If anything the 23 hour flight was refreshing. Walking the streets of London I'm less tired than I was at home.
The first time I walked back to Amanda's place by myself I had to look up the place number. Couldn't distinguish one place from another. Every place looks the same, every street looks the same. Never have street names had a use to me before London.
Everything's so old I asked Amanda whether they heritage list all this stuff. She said she didn't know. Thought about how things in Australia from the 50's get heritage listed. If a Brit ever asks, think I'll forget to mention the 19 before it.
Amanda's bedroom is in the top bit of the house. It's 3 levels up. Everything creaks in between.
Reading on Perez Hilton there's a movie called 'The Social Network' under way. Facebook is the inspiration. They want to get it done before its fate follows myspace. Reminds me to check my myspace account. Couldn't remember my password. Happy to know my brain has gotten out of its habit of storing useless information at least.
Next article down is on an Audrey Hepburn stamp auctioning for about $100,000. Always thought Audrey was too skinny an actress for the 50's. Can't watch her movies anyway because I can't stand listening to her accent that doesn't belong anywhere.
With Amanda off I was left with a list of instructions on how to get to her work and a map that made me rethink whether I was dyslexic. For every road I turned down there was one I had to re-walk back down towards the right direction. Feet were shot by the end. Started out wearing ballet flats but they ripped the backs of my feet off. Swapped them for pluggers which ripped the inside of my toes off. Left wishing I wasn't a girl so I could get away with wearing comfortable shoes. Hate walking on the cobbled stuff the most. Don't know why they didn't just use the stuff they use to fill around the other stuff for the whole thing.
Found Amanda's work eventually and kept walking up towards Hyde Park. Because it was over 15 C everyone was out in the park sunbaking. The English boys had their shirts off which you couldn't stare directly at unless you wanted to be blinded by the white radiating light. Ran into a palace. No idea I was walking towards one. Kensington. A pretty one from the outside, not all that grand. Passed people taking close ups of the gate. Wondered how many times they'd look at those pictures. I bothered to take very few of my own. Don't see the point when you can just google whatever you want really.
Cost 11 pound to get in. Was annoyed so many other people had the same idea as me. Couldn't look at things in peace without a line forming behind me. Wasn't allowed to use flash inside but did anyway. Everything was behind glass so it backfired at me in the end.
The rooms were small and dark. The most impressive part was the stairwell where there was a beautiful mural painted. Made me miss painting terribly.
Listened to the audio guide but didn't take much in as the only thing I came out remembering about the place the fat queen who went mental there. Think her name was Anne. Forgot to read the plaque out the front so didn't know if Elizabeth I had anything to do with the place. She's really the only royal I care to know anything about.
Diana lived there. Don't know why people made such a fuss when she died. People make too much fuss over people they don't know.
Can't stand Beatle mania. Someone asked before I came whether I was going to visit that place that had something to do with them. Don't understand the hype. I heard that Submarine song. Not the work of genius.
Hypocritical somewhat considering Chris Martin's on my 'To Do' list. Don't know that I could marry a musician actually. I'd foresee it turning into a Yoko/Lennon type thing. Not such a bad thing I guess.. the world can always afford to be a more interesting place.
Walked back home with Amanda past the giant golden statue Victoria held erected for Albert. Amanda said she was so distraught after he died she had that built for him. Thought how sweet. But wished she kept her grief to herself - the statue was hideous. Hate how the royal family spend the countries resources on themselves. Read in the paper how the Queen wants a pay rise. Thinking the French had the right idea.
The night of Amanda's birthday we went out for cocktails and Vietnamese. There's such nice places in London to go. Wish I could take them all back home with me.

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