Sunday, 12 July 2009

London pt.4 - Vodka, Adam & Onomatopoeia

Woke up to the news I'm in the middle of a heat wave. The BBC was giving hints to old people on how to survive through it. Hoping in half a century's time I don't need people coming around telling me what water is.
The BBC needs to get more attractive news readers. Wondered if the people reading the news actually write the news. If not I have a fair point. The next segment was on spelling bee champions. They interviewed a bunch of 12 year olds about winning some national championship. One got a little too enthusiastic when asked how to spell onamatapea? onomatapeeya? onnomattapia? I must be way off. Spell check still can't help me. Whatever, in the end we both got it wrong. They cut to the weather when he started crying.
The UK Mel & Kochie equivalents don't measure up. Starting to miss the aussie-ness of things. The British are lovely but can be quite stuffy. Tried to download Good News Week off itunes but would only get to 89% and drop out. Not impressed when it teases me like that. Needed my comedic news hit so watched the British version instead. Think we stole the idea off them. Just glad we didn't steal the jokes. British humor is whack.
Planning to meet up with my friend Julie from Spain next week. Have to remember to ask about the tomato fight thing. Missing my Julie at home terribly even though I know she's probably gone through all my stuff by now and tapping my internet.
Went out on a picnic with Amanda and Jon. Dropped into the supermarket on the way to Parsons Green and got some food. Yet to be served by an English person. I've found they're quite rare in this country. Think they're all in mine.
Brits have some of the most disgusting habits. Yeah so most of them smoke but even worse is their rampant use of the handkerchief. To use one and put in back in your pocket is just insanity to me. Can't go on the tube without seeing one pulled out. Tissues are made disposable for the most fantastic reason.
Planned to go up to Scotland at some point. Not entirely sure if that will happen. Have never fully understood the bagpipes. I can only explain them by saying they're the missing link between music and noise. According to the World Health Organization the Scots have the worst diet in the world. This means somewhere in Africa a mother is saying to her child complaining of hunger to stop being so selfish, for there's children in Scotland that would give anything to not eat what they're eating.
In the depths of facebook I found my friend Braden from school years ago living practically on top of me. Did a pub crawl in Fulham for catchups. Was good to see how happy he was living over here, bound for stardom no doubt. Forgot to mention drinking vodka usually ends with me propositioning things outside of people's houses in front of their friends. Good times.
Went shopping with Amanda, she dragged me into Top Shop because I apparently 'wear too much black and grey'. Told her that's just my thing.
Ventured out of South London to see Adam Hills and Steven K Amos. Bought two tickets ages ago to go with a friend but when that fell through I was freaking thinking I'd have to brave Camden myself. Luckily Amanda could come. She asked what happened to the Welsh boy. I said hopefully karma. Adam was brilliant as usual. Go you big red fire engine got a mention. Asked whether I was Australian. Too dazzled by his eyes to remember what I answered. I might've been that night.
The standup was done in an old converted horse hospital. Took forever to find such a thing.
Not tempted to live in Camden. The place is eccentrically alternative, pure grunge and breeds Amy Winehouse types. Amanda and I ended up eating at Nandos for tea because it was the closest thing we could find to normality. Got the chicken wrap with the hottest sauce you can get. Still wasn't hot enough. Heard the reason people like spicy things is because the heat burns off the taste buds and releases happy endorphins in the brain. Hoping the fact I seek out the hottest of chillies isn't a sign a have a ton of crippling emotional pain to resolve. Pretty sure I just don't like bland food. Something happened and from the age of 12 I couldn't eat anything that wasn't drowned in a condiment, sauce or seasoning.
Need to draw something soon or I'll go insane. Venting all my creative juices into writing in the meantime it seems. At home it'd be the piano. Composed something on it before I left. Didn't bother writing the notes down figuring I'd remember it by the time I got back. Wishing I didn't give myself so much credit.


  1. Hope the creative juices will start flowing onto paper again soon :) Reading your posts I remembered my first impressions of this country and its people (I was 18 when I moved here), and how strange and funny so many things were, and still are, declaring a heat wave crises for the relatively low temperatures we're experiencing being one of them :)

  2. Fascinating blog.
    I know how you feel about the need to draw. Sometimes I feel like I will just burst if I don't touch my pen to a blank paper.
    Your paintings are beautiful, by the way. I looked on your deviant art, (the link was on Daydream Lilly's blog) and I fell in love. You have amazing talent.

  3. I've been reading your posts about London. Your blog is really entertaining and really funny! I love spicy food too! I also love your artwork! I saw the link on Daydream Lily's blog too! :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments.. happy to hear you like my art as well. :)